Small Event Décor Options

These are some, but not all of our décor items.

Our inventory is always expanding so please ask us if you are looking for something specific.

Silk flower arrangements may vary and can be customized to your needs.

Wooden Flower Box (Large)
Wooden Flower Box (Medium)
Wooden Studded Bucket (Medium)
Ivory Porcelain Pitcher (Medium)
White Porcelain Pitcher (Large)
White Flower Urn (Large)
White Flower Urn (Medium)
White Vase (Large)
White Vase (Medium)
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Silver Candle Holder (LG, MD, SM)
Red Candle Holder (LG, MD, SM)
White Candle Holder (LG, MD, SM)
Gold Candle Holder (LG, SM)
Gold Candle Stick Holder (SM)
Short Candle Holder (SM)
Swirly "Love" Sign (Medium)
Gold "Amore" Sign (Medium)
Gold "Love" Sign (Small)
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Tall Gold Vase (Large)
Tall Black Vase (Large)
Gold Flower Urn (Medium)
Black Ceramic Vase (Small)
Gold Bubble Vase (Small)
Vintage Flower Box (Small)
Silver Vase (Large)
Gold Vase (Large)
Silver Flower Urn (Small)
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Bicycle Flower Prop
Antique Baby Carriage
Antique Bird Cage (Medium)
Gold Candelabra 29"
Three Arm Candelabra (Medium)
Gold Bicycle Prop
Antique Plane Prop
White Train Prop
Natural Wood Lantern (Large)
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White & Brown Lantern (LG, MD)
Rustic Patina Lantern (Medium)
White Rustic Lantern (Medium)
Black Top Lantern (Medium)
White & Black Candle Holder (LG, SM)
Marbled Candle Holder (LG, MD)
Sequined Candle Holder (LG)
Crystal Candle Stick Holder (MD, SM)
Dark Wood Candler Holder (MD, SM)
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Ivory Tufted Chair
Black & White Tufted Chair
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