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We can provide custom draping for any occasion! It is amazing how the right fabric can completely change the atmosphere of a room. A drab space can be easily transformed into a beautiful event venue. Ugly walls, doors, and clutter can be covered and hidden away. Sometimes only draping can get you that ambiance you desire and that is why we are here to help!

Please reach out to us for a quote if you need the following draping services:

  • Draping the walls of a room

  • Draping beams in a barn

  • Custom decor backdrops

  • Ceiling drapes

  • Fabric Chuppa, Mandap, or Canopy

We can also provide custom silk floral arrangements if needed for your backdrop design.

Pipe & Drape + Uplighting.jpg
draping 1.jpg
draping 3.jpg
draping 4.jpg
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